Brad’s Show #3: May 26, 2018
Tito Boswell (host), Joey Kuriki, Brad Hutchings, Mark Shelton.

Brad’s Show #2: April 28, 2018
Beau McFarland, Brad Hutchings, Bratt Malaker, Dave Hatch, Harpal Sandhu.

Brad’s Show #1: March 31, 2018
Tito Boswell, Luke Allen, Brad Hutchings.

Brad's Show #3: Saturday, May 26, 2018, 7pm - 9pm

Our third show was another step up, as we plugged into the bar's sound system and had break music from DJ Long Island. Three local comedians performed with the show culminating in cat videos and a trivia contest.

Host Tito Boswell and comedians Joey Kuriki, Brad Hutchings, and Mark Shelton delivered over 80 minutes of stand-up comedy. The seats were filled, and the audience enjoyed the show.

Hit the play button in the video to play the whole thing, or use the buttons below to watch individual sets. Note that Joey Kuriki did not want his set filmed, so he's not in the video... a good reason to catch the show live if you can!

Show Poster

Click the poster at left to download an print the show poster (PDF). Our pre-show group photo at right is suitable for printing and framing as a keepsake. Pro-tip: have your favorite host or comedian sign his ass.

Production Notes from Brad

I hooked our show sound into the bar's PA system. We still recorded the microphone through a Zoom H6, and ambient crowd noise (plus PA echo) through a Zoom H1n. The bar's PA system makes sound for the audience a little more of a challenge to control, as the volume nob is behind the bar, and each of our comedians has a different volume through the mic. I may need to invest in a real sound mixing board to make the live experience work better.

I shot this with two cameras, but still didn't do a great job framing to elimiate stuff outside the curtains. I fixed this with Adobe Premiere, but it would be easier to just get the shot right.

I used a heavier stand for the curtains and added two curtains for this show. That stretched the curtain area off stage left (facing audience), so the side sgot would not get stuff off curtain. For next time, I need to go with 8 foot curtains, an extension on the curtain stands, and a center post for support.

At the live show, we used a DJ (my friend DJ Long Island) for music during the breaks. It didn't cause any "bleed in" of copyright material to the filming, so I think going forward, except for very special intros, we won't use our licensed music during the show. The walkup music just seems to confuse and annoy everyone.